5 Easy Ways to Keep Student Attendance Record in Online Class

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We all know that online sessions are much different from the traditional way of classes. The pandemic globally affected all fields of life. All businesses and services were bound to use digital means for their work. All educational institutions are now also using the technological medium to continue giving classes. The sudden change of the medium is complicated for all of us. But know that we have to opt for the new ways for our regular tasks. The sudden drift of the digital world can prove complicated at times, but all of us need to utilize it. Most instructors are facing difficulty taking attendance of the students.

The instructors are unsure of how many students are taking the digital classes and how many are absent. Know that you can keep a record of the attendance of students on the attendance software for schools. But you have to think of different means to take attendance. The good thing is that there are many beneficial ways to get attendance of present students. You can take the attendance of the students as they engage in learning activities. You have to think of better ways to take attendance. Know that the schools, colleges, and universities are shifting towards remote learning. Nowadays, distance learning is the talk of the town. It is better to know the many ways you can engage students in the learning tasks. Read the five ways you can record the attendance of students in the online class.

  1. Class participation

The one way to record the attendance of students is by class participation. In this, you have to dedicate five to ten minutes of your class to ask students regarding the current lecture. You can know which students were listening to your lesson by asking different questions about the concept. It is one of the most practical ways to take the accurate attendance of your students. This way, your students will also remain attentive in the class.

 This option is the one we practice during our on-sight classes. In this option, all you need to do is call names and mark them present. It is the casual way of attendance. You can take attendance at any time of the lecture. Make sure that you have a list with all the names of the students. Having a list will save you some time, and you do not have to waste fifteen minutes by taking attendance of students.

  • Self-reporting attendance

This option is for all of you who are using a digital medium to give online classes. This option will depend upon what kind of software you are using for online sessions. Students can mark themself present from their given account.

This way of taking attendance is also for those who are using school software for delivering their classes. In this option, the instructors have to prepare a short quiz poll. You need your students to solve the quiz to mark the present. This option will help you see how much students understand the topic.

The last point is to use attendance tracking software for marking student attendance. The software can create profiles of every student, and it can make the attendance with the help of their profiles.

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