5 Top Tips to Make Breast Milk Come Fast after Birth

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Bringing a new life into this world means that there are tons of things to prepare for and if the mother wants to feed the baby herself, it’s another complete chapter to prepare for. Breastfeeding is the best gift a mother can give her child right from the day the baby is born. It is full of healthy nutrients, antibodies and basically everything a child needs to survive in the world. Many women fret a lot about their breast milk being insufficient or not enough for the baby, which isn’t actually the case. In fact, most mothers are making enough milk to nurse their child properly till their heart’s contentment. But if the mother does feel her milk supply needs a little push, enjoy the best lactation cookies from Milky Mama.

I want to first start by saying that, “All you new mothers out there, you’re all doing a great job!” Don’t feel that you’re not enough for your child or that your child is not well-nourished or healthy because you’re his/her nourishing source. Whatever is that you’re giving the baby right now, be it a few drops of breast milk or a few ounces of formula, it’s totally valuable for the child and the baby is on the right track to be hale and hearty. Sometimes after giving birth to the child, the breastmilk kicks in a little late, this could be due to C-section, premature birth, PCOS, thyroid condition or even due to obesity.

But this doesn’t mean you throw the towel on your breastfeeding journey just yet, read the tips below, apply them and see how your breasts start to produce milk with efficacy. You can supplement the process by munching on the best lactation cookies to increase milk supply even more proficiently. Let’s read them, get you out of your misery so that you start to feel amazing again and enjoy this amazing time with your little one.

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1. Don’t Miss that Crucial First Hour

The first hour after the delivery of the baby is very crucial and it’s also popularly known as the “Golden Hour”.  It is called by this name as during this one hour after birth the oxytocin levels are at their peak. Oxytocin levels in the body charge and activate the lactation hormones to get to work by producing the required quantity for the baby. Another advantage of feeding the baby in the first hour after birth is that he/she gets the nutrient enriched and highly beneficial colostrum. It’s the first milk that comes out of the mother’s breast, which is a natural antibiotic that protects the baby from various bacteria and viruses that can attack the little one in this world. This yellowish thick liquid is produced and released at its own rate by the body, according to the child and its needs, so don’t worry everything is in control.

2. Maximum Skin-to-Skin Contact

If you have been able to catch the first hour after birth make sure you also nurse the baby with maximum skin-to-skin contact. This is another great hack to boost the milk production, as cuddling the baby close to the chest, making your skin rub against the baby’s skin will stimulate the lactation hormones to increase milk supply in the most natural way. This skin-to-skin contact is also known as the “Kangaroo Care” as it promotes early and continued supply of milk. As per many studies conducted, mothers who do skin-to-skin contact during the golden hour are more likely to nurse the baby earlier with a continuous supply for the entire period of their nursing journey. This skin-to-skin contact is also a great way for the baby and mother to sleep soundly and it also helps in decreasing the postpartum depression of the mother.

3. Nurse on Demand

Breastfeeding is all about demand and supply, the more the baby demands the higher the production rate will be. So how does our body know that the demand is higher? It knows when the breasts are emptied, the more you nurse, the more frequently the breasts are emptied and more quickly the milk fills in. It’s the best way to increase milk supply in the most natural way possible. If your milk isn’t coming in after birth, request the hospital help to place the baby directly on top of your breasts, this will also stimulate the milk production very competently. In order to have an uninterrupted supply of milk, brace yourself for a marathon nursing session as new born typically nurse after every 2-3 hours.

4. Use a Hospital Grade Pump

Sometimes it’s not possible to avail the Golden Hour in all its glory due to the health ailment of either the baby or the mother. In such conditions, the best way to achieve the closest of nursing the baby is by using a hospital grade pump to stimulate the hormones and trick them into production of milk. Pumping is a great way to stimulate product even after a few months into the nursing journey. As for the initial boost in milk supply, we suggest using the hospital grade pumps as they have greater suction power which very conveniently pumps the milk, stimulates hormones and increases milk supply.

5. Eat Healthy, Stay Hydrated and Sleep Well

Breastfeeding is pretty demanding for your body as it burns around 500 calories per day! This is a strong indication of the fact that your body needs to stay strong and healthy by eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Along with that staying hydrated is also a must as the breast milk is almost 90% water, which means staying hydrated will maintain your energy levels from dropping and will make you feel fresh and active. Lastly, sleep well, even if you don’t get that 8 hour at-a-stretch sleep, take advantage of the opportunity whenever it comes. Small but frequent naps will make you get through the day easily.


Nursing your little one is both empowering and intimidating, but don’t let the latter get the best of you. Apply these top 5 tips and see how you can navigate through this journey with ease, without feeling overwhelmed or inadequate.