Are You Confused By The Different Hair Transplant Procedures? Which Is Better, FUE or FUT?

Hair transplants are widely utilized to treat hair loss issues. This is a condition that affects the vast majority of people. Hair loss affects the majority of people over the age of 50. Because severe hair loss might lead to baldness, treatment is required to keep the appearance.

Therefore, dermatologists are approached for hair transplantation. There are two types of hair transplants:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation.

These are the two main kinds of techniques that are used to reverse hair fall. Before you visit your doctor, you must have enough knowledge about these procedures. So, in this article, we will discuss the differences between the two types and also which is better FUE or FUT for people who are unaware of it.

How are the procedures defined?

FUE hair transplant is defined as a procedure that involves the extraction of hair follicles one by one from the donor location to be implanted on the recipient area on the scalp.

In the FUT hair transplant procedure, a wide strip of skin is removed from the donor area, which is further divided into hair follicles to implant into the bald areas of the scalp.

Both the techniques are performed in a clinic and are based on outpatient procedures. Moreover, local anesthesia is applied to lessen the pain during the procedure.

How are the procedures performed?

  • Your doctor will shave your head and apply local anesthesia to the scalp and remove hair from donor area.
  • The donor area is usually the back or sides of the scalp. The hair follicles are then removed.
  • In FUT, a skin patch is detached, the area is stitched and then the hair follicles are removed from the skin.
  • In FUE, the hair follicles are removed one by one and set into a solution.
  • Next, the hair follicles are implanted to the bald areas or affected areas on the scalp.

Which procedure is more successful and which is better FUE or FUT?

In terms of hair graft development and survival, both techniques are successful. FUE vs. FUT success rate is a tough competition as both techniques are successful above 95%. However, according to surveys and research, FUE is 2.5-2.7% more successful than FUT.

What are the pros and cons of both hair transplant procedures?

Every surgical procedure has pros and cons. Similarly, both these procedures have their advantages and disadvantages. Though the procedures produce remarkable outcomes, it is necessary to consult your surgeon and select the right procedure for yourself.

Let’s discuss the FUE vs. FUT pros and cons.

Advantages of FUT and FUE:


  • Unnoticeable post-surgery scars.
  • Quick recovery.


  • Wonderful for a considerate amount of grafting.
  • Quick procedure as compared to FUE.
  • Costs are lower than the FUE technique.

Disadvantages of FUT and FUE:


  • Time-consuming procedure as hair follicles is removed one by one.
  • Expensive than the FUT technique due to its complicated and tiring methodology.


  • Large visible scar.
  • Longer recovery period.

How much do hair transplants cost?

Hair transplants are expensive treatments to cure hair loss. The FUE vs. FUT cost is $4000-$15000 for FUE and $4000-$10000for FUT.

In Pakistani RupeeFUE cost per graft is around 75-85 rupees, depending on various factors.

Moreover, the final cost is determined by the number of hair follicles required to be transplanted. Also, the condition of hair fall and the desired look add up to the cost. Sometimes, more than one sessionis needed to achieve a complete look.

Will I get scars after FUE treatment?

What concerns many people is the scarring from hair transplants. There is a great difference between FUE vs. FUT scar. The scar produced by FUT is large, takes time to heal, is noticeable, and needs to be covered by long hair. While FUE treatment causes numerous tiny scars that heal quickly and are barely visible. The hair treatment you prefer will be affirmed by your doctor after examining your scalp and going through your history. Nevertheless, hair transplant procedures are worth your time and money.

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