How to cook beef steak – Beef steak recipe


Craving some deliciously cooked beef steak? Would not harm if you received some mega recipe for it. A thing that would blow your intellect and destroy you for all other beef steak recipes. We’ve received your back again for this one particular. Sit again and take it easy, examine our recipe for 1 of the leading very best steaks you’ll ever have the honor of tasting. The 2nd that holy bite will get in get hold of with your flavor buds, the juicy flavors oozing out of it will be anything you’ll hardly ever be all set for. The flavor bursting by way of your mouth would retain you contented for a prolonged time. So get on the large road and let us just take you on the journey of building the best beef steak ever!

Tasty beef steak recipe:

The recipe is incredibly simple, with thorough directions that you can easily comply with devoid of any confusion. Some of the ideas are very essential to go as a result of if you want that juicy and tender steak. Do not get intimidated by the quantity of measures as they’re pretty obvious and easy to do.


•1 1/4th inch thick beef steak

•1 tsp salt

•1/4th tsp pepper

•2 tbsp olive oil

•2 tbsp salted butter


Step 1: Acquire the frozen steak correct out of the freezer and slash according to your need. Usually use very good sharp steel knife for cutting beef meat I personally use Damascus steak knives the rationale since they are sharp and created with initial Damascus steel.

Now Dry it up as a result of patting and sprinkle some salt around it. Time it until eventually the over-all steak comes to home temperature. The salt will consider 30 to 40 minutes to get soaked into the meat. Therefore, you have to have to continue to keep it out for this a lot time so that the flavor starts swirling appropriate within the meat. This way the salt will break the protein, providing it a gentle, tender sense. Never be concerned about the time as the meat won’t go bad. When the timer goes off, brush both equally sides of the meat with olive oil and sprinkle some pepper over it. The pepper would improve the flavor and make the aftertaste that captivating.

Move 2: Now just before you start off cooking meat, make certain to established the pan on the stove alone for about 7 to 10 minutes so it is scorching very hot. This usually means when the meat meets the pan, that’s when the authentic match starts. The moment the crust commences solidifying by crusting about the edges, you know you are accomplishing items ideal. Prepare dinner each and every side for 3 minutes to get that tender but crispy surface area.

Step 3: After the searing method, shift your steak toward the oven in which the warmth will complete the occupation of cooking up the steak suitable from the inside. To assurance that your steak will get the acceptable doneness, I strongly suggest employing an immediate-study thermometer. Medium (145°F) is the finest doneness for me. Then I permit them rest for a when. I like to incorporate a pat of butter on leading of them and set them apart for 5 minutes to make it possible for the fluids to re-enter the meat.


•Preheat the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit

•If there is fat on a single side then flip it on that side to cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

•Garnish the steak with parsley.


Once you get the hold of the recipe, you’ll be earning it each and every other weekend. The immediately after-taste stays with you prolonged after you have eaten it. So, make it at a supper occasion and we guarantee you, folks will be coming back for seconds in no time!

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