Making Your House a Home: 5 Different Types of Interior Design Styles

5 Different Types of Interior Design Styles

Are you a homeowner looking to redesign your home but don’t know where to begin? Have you ever asked yourself, “What are the various kinds of interior design styles?”

When it comes to redesigning your home, there are many design styles to choose from. Having a strong understanding of numerous interior decorating styles can give your house a polished and coherent aesthetic, whether you’re starting on a large-scale home remodel or simply refreshing your kitchen.

Continue reading this ultimate guide deciphering the five different types of interior design styles to make your house a home.

1. Minimalist Interior Designs

The minimalist design is one of the most popular interior designs. It originated from Australia.

The design emphasizes minimalism in every aspect of interior design. Be it the simple furnishing to the neutral color palates and the functional accessories.

The minimalist design ensures everything is not in excess – it needs to be streamlined, simple, and necessary.

2. Modern Interior Design

Modern design refers to a home with clean, simple color palates, crisp lines, and the use of materials such as metal, steel, and glass. The design invokes a sense of simplicity in all elements, including furniture.

Sleek is a word used to describe the modern design style, but few accessories are involved in the design style.

3. Contemporary Interior Design

You can interchangeably use modern and contemporary designs. The contemporary design is quite different from the modern design because it often describes designs based on what’s here and now.

The only thing differentiating the two is that modern design style is a strict interpretation of 20th-century designs.

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Contemporary designs are more fluid and often represent a sense of currency with less adherence to a particular style.

4. Industrial Interior Design Style

Despite the design being trendy, it has a past. Reclaimed old buildings and urban lofts all have industrial interior design ideas. Expect unfinished surfaces, distressed wood, exposed bricks, concrete, steel beams, and ducts with the industrial design.

Some interior designers add metal pendants or floor lighting to act as statement pieces in the space.

5. Mid-Century Interior Design

The mid-century modern interior design style gained popularity in the 1940s and has yet to fade from the public eye—and with good reason. The style has an ageless appeal, characterized by clean lines, minimum adornment, organic forms, and high utility.

Icons like Arne Jacobson and Florence Knoll—both renowned mid-century modern designers—remain a significant part of the design debate even now. Their work continues to act as motivation for some of the world’s best creatives.

While some people choose a completely mid-century modern home, anybody can easily incorporate this mid-century modernist architecture into their living rooms with a few easy changes.

You Now Know Different Types of Interior Design Styles

Because there are so many different design styles to choose from, it’s up to you to figure out which one will work best for you. There’s also the possibility of blending components from other styles to create a unique look. Before you start working on your interior design plans, learn more about each of the types and how they vary from each other.

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