Top 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home

It’s 2021, and most of us are still living in the 1980’s with our manual and inefficient home functions. We constantly see homes online with advanced systems, being able to control things around the house with just a push of a button or with voice activation. We also see all these clean, pristine homes that look like they’re brand new with professional deep cleaning services.

We wonder how we can bring the same upgrades into our own homes. While technologically advanced measures may still seem like it would burn a hole in your pocket, many budget companies now make appliances and offer services that are accessible, affordable, and efficient!

1.  Integrate Smart Home Assistants

Smart home assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, can help you control the appliances and devices around your home from your location, bringing your home into the 21st century. With these home assistants, you can easily control the settings on your air conditioner, turn off the TV, or limit your child’s tablet time all from your phone.

Smart home assistants can also help you during life-threatening emergencies by calling emergency services when commanded. These assistants can turn on the lights, control security measures, and scare off intruders through an alarm system when connected to one during an attack – whether you’re in your home or not.

2.  Install Smart Appliances

Smart appliances typically connect to the smart home assistant, and can be controlled from a centralized location through your tablet or phone. Smart appliances were made to make life easier for the average homeowner, though they typically cost higher than regular appliances.

Smart coffee makers have an automatic on and off switch that is scheduled at the same time everyday, so you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee without the risk of burning your house down. Smart smoke detectors automatically ping the fire department when smoke is detected, and smart doorbells let you view your visitor before you let them know you’re home.

With a wide range of smart home appliances, you can take control of every aspect of your home even while you’re away, so you never have to worry about intruders, mishaps, or forgetting to unplug something before you go on that week-long vacation!

3.  Go for Scheduled Professional Cleaning

We no longer have to juggle work, socials, and home life as we do our jobs, meet with our friends, and do the chores around the house. Nowadays, we have the advantage of hiring professional home cleaners to help us with the cleaning chores around the house, freeing up our time for work and social activities.

Most professional cleaners are now online, and scheduling your appointments are easier than ever with just a click of a button. Luce Home offers their cleaning services around Singapore, and can easily be contacted through their website.

Find a local cleaning company that has glowing reviews to their name, and trust in their cleaning process as they clean every inch of your home. You’ll maintain a spotless abode, while having enough time to do the things you want to do!

4.  Install Centralized Utilities for Water, Electricity, and more

In a bid to stop global warming, more and more establishments are getting into the habit of installing sustainable systems for their water treatment, electrical consumption, and more. These systems are typically centralized, and home versions are available as well for any homeowner that wants to bring eco-friendly practices to their homes.

Solar panels can save up on electrical costs, and use less resources to create energy than the conventional way. In-house water treatment systems remove the need to use water from a supplier that may be treating the water with chemical purifiers. Some water treatment systems use a series of filters instead of chemicals for a natural treatment that does not pollute.

5.  Centralize Your Home Functions

Your appliances, devices, and wifi can be controlled from one focal point in your home, making it easier to shut off or turn on anything that you may need. By controlling your home functions from a central point, you can limit the mishaps that happen, and remove the threat of accidentally leaving your electrical appliances running overnight.

You can also install CCTV cameras that you have access to from one point, so you can view the perimeters of your home at any given moment. Additionally, some centralized home systems can let you do things simultaneously, like preheating an oven, brewing coffee, and running a bath all from one central location to get you ready for a day’s work!

6.  Install Advanced Home Security

These days, home security is more of a threat than ever as crooks are turning to clever ways to infiltrate households. However, with the advancements in home security technology, homeowners are protecting themselves with state of the art home security systems, with some that inhibit intruders before they get into the house. Not all home security systems come in gadget forms. Some are barriers of entry, like windows that don’t shatter easily, locks with anti-picking measures, and signages that ward off intruders from picking a home that may have security systems in place. Other, more technological systems can automatically lock entryways, have motion detection alarms, and more.

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